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Sign up today with our Standard tier and recieve £10 FREE credit to get you started. You can use this credit however you like. To find out more about what we offer view the rest of this page or contact us. View our pricing to find out what tiers we offer.

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A simple cloud for the Linux enthusiast

Deploy and manage your Linux VM's with ease using an intuitive portal. We have made sure everything is easy to get to and with our per hour billing model you can really keep the cost down. Sign up today and get £10 FREE Credit to use however you like. Check out some of our key features.

Less than a minute to deploy a Virtual Machine, Low cost resource meaning you can get more for your money, Power off and Save With our per hour billing, if you power off your VM then you won't get charged. Perfect for students & enthusiasts who want to setup a Lab or try something out.

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What is Piggybank Cloud?

Public Cloud Infrastructure platform

We provide the ability to create , manage and use your own Virtual servers & Virtual Firewall's.

Mindful of your pocket

We charge only for what you use, our per hour pricing is extremely low and aimed at the budget minded.

Portal & Support

We have designed and created our portal from scratch and have all the features you need including a built in support function.

Manage your VM's from anywhere

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Not enough?

£10 FREE Credit

Simply sign up and you will get £10 Credit added to your account. No questions asked.

IPSec VPN Access

Access your cloud using a Secure IPSec VPN client, no setup required just download the client and install the pre-built config.

VNC Access to your VM's

Our portal has built in VNC functionality so you can access your VM through our portal. Useful if you ever lock yourself out from SSH for example.

Shared NAT Range

If you don't need a dedicated public IP address you can use our shared NAT range and setup NAT / Port forwards through our portal.

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Two factor authentication

You can optionally enable 2FA using Google authenticator to secure access to your account.

Virtual Firewall's with a dedicated VXLAN

Deploy a PFSense / OPNsense FW appliance for your VM's

Paypal only

We only accept Paypal payment for topping up Funds, this means Paypal can securely complete the transaction for you.

Cost breakdown

We display the cost of your running cloud and break this down for you so you know where your money is going.

Choice of Linux Operating System

Ubuntu 18.04

Ubuntu's current LTS release, if you are new to Linux Ubuntu is a good place to start, it's built on Debian and has tonnes of features.

CentOS 7

Community enterprise Linux, this is one of the most popular Linux distributions around. Centos is our OS of choice.

Fedora 29

Another Popular Operating system, Fedora is supported by the red Hat foundation.


Is another community developed popular Linux OS packed full of features.

Other Linux distros

As well as the above popular Linux distributions we offer more such as Debian, Arch Linux. We offer multiple versions of the OS. Sign up to view our full list.

Recommend an OS

If you want on OS available but we don't have it listed then simply raise a request and we will be more than happy to make it available.

Automated deployment

All our VM's are configured once you deploy them, this means the network is setup and the credentials get injected. From then you can use and edit your VM however you like.

Endless options

With Linux the options are endless, you could setup a web server or build your own API, why not check out our blog to see what we would recommend.